The preservation of the environment is not a magic thing


Harry Potter could not make the monstrous amount of plastic containers that we throw away daily worldwide disappear by magic.

Instead, we (without magic) can actually do something, and very remarkable.

Do you want to know how?

According to recent data, about 34,000 million plastic refreshment and water containers are dumped into the seas every year. And, as we know, these containers will never “disappear” or, in other words, the plastic containers that end up at sea today will end up being picked up by our grandchildren.

Buying, consuming and getting rid of a plastic bottle is too easy and, moreover, as popular wisdom says: “out of sight, out of mind.”

It is so easy (to buy, use, throw), that we only spend a few seconds thinking that a considerable part of the plastic bottles that have passed through our hands throughout our lives continue today, many years later, piling up in the seas and polluting their ecosystems.


Recycling is not a magic thing, responsible consumption either


In the report ‘One word: returnable’, a study by the NGO Oceana (marine conservation organization) recently presented in New York, it is stated that “returnables have a lower carbon footprint than single use plastic bottles (…), returnable containers save up to 40% of raw materials and 50% of greenhouse gas emissions ”.

According to the report, if we increase only 10% of the purchases of returnable refreshment or water bottles, we would reduce the discharges into the ocean every year between 4,500 and 7,600 million bottles of PET.


Do you have the nerve to raise your 10%?


If we reduce the consumption of plastics and buy returnable bottles (those that are bought, returned, washed, refilled and re-sold up to 50 times), even if it is just a minimal but earned 10%, we will push the producing companies to promote this solution, and we will contribute directly (and without magic) to maintaining the health of the environment.


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