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ESTRELLA DE LEVANTE FOUNDATION offers its original aluminum direct recycling service along the Murcian coast with its solidarity compactors for beverage cans. Under the motto: ‘we believe in the environment and sustainability, we believe in our land’, the network of can compactors from ESTRELLA DE LEVANTE and VERNA advances in its commitment to solidarity recycling and the circular economy.


Since the days of the water mills that were used to grind grain centuries ago, we have harnessed the power of the rivers. It’s what power plants do. But big rivers only cover a small area of a country. How can we take advantage of the thousands of irrigation ditches or streams that are relatively abundant, to generate electricity? Turbulent’s proposal is called Turbulent Hidro, a hydroturbine that creates a vortex of water to generate electricity.As we can see in this video, this small hydroturbine can be easily installed in any ditch or small stream. It does not harm the fish because its movement is generated by the current itself, and not by a motor.


When harnessed effectively, the oceans prove to be one of the greatest sources of clean and sustainable energy on Earth.However, no clear leading device or technology has yet emerged. Until now…This is the Wave Line Magnet, a technology that has been in development for 10 years and already guarantees efficient, economical and long-lasting clean energy production.Will this wave energy generator be able to position itself among the favourites?


CoffeeB, el primer sistema de cápsulas de café que funciona totalmente sin cápsula gracias a una pequeña bola de café prensado compostable, es la innovación en el sector del café más importante desde la invención […]


  First, it is essential to think about reducing (not generating that waste) or reusing (give another use to that “waste”), before recycling. Obviously, we will always have some waste at home, what to do […]


Link to the original article at Spain established itself as the second most important market for beverage cans in Europe, only behind the United Kingdom. In 2020, the consumption of beverage cans in Spain […]

Where are the mobile phone chargers “thrown”?

There are billions of mobile phone chargers sold each year in the world. For this reason, given that they are made with some 100% recyclable materials, it is extremely important that we know what to do with them and where to dispose of the mobile chargers when their useful life ends.

Where are the CDs and DVDs “thrown”?

CDs and DVDs are made of polycarbonate (transparent thermoplastic), a thin layer of aluminum (sometimes it is a layer of gold), a protective layer and coloring inks, all of which are non-biodegradable materials. Therefore, and given that they are valuable materials for the industry, do you know where to throw your old CDs once their useful life has ended?

Where are the light bulbs “thrown”?

Light bulbs usually have a considerably long life, but in the end, they stop working. Then comes the big question: Where do I throw the bulbs? Which is the suitable container? It is important to know where we should throw the bulbs, because many contain, in addition to glass, components like plastics, metals, gases and other elements such as mercury…

Quality advertising to make local businesses visible

The local businesses can provide us with personalized attention, warmth, variety and specialization.
But, often, the local businesses of proximity need mechanisms that increase their visibility and remind us that they are there, very close to us, to provide us with the services or products we need on a daily basis.

Interview with an ink cartridge

We, printer cartridges, are very useful, but we can also be much more polluting than you might imagine. My components, released into the environment, would be very, very harmful both to your health and to the health of any other way of life. When I run out of ink, do you know where to deposit me?

Interview with a drink can

  I am a daughter of the earth. Very hard and resistant, but light and malleable. If you abandon me in any way, I will remain 500 years polluting the seas or the land. But […]

Today is the International Plastic Bag Free Day

Only a very few countries in the world prohibit its production, marketing and use. Who are these advanced countries? Who are the pioneers and world leaders in banning plastic bags? Finland, Norway, Switzerland, maybe Denmark …?

The dismantling of electronic devices

An International study recently published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, in which Ethel Eljarrat, a scientific researcher at the Institute of Environmental Diagnosis and Water Studies of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), has participated, has shown that disassembling appliances with electronic waste can expose the people who do it to dangerous pollutants.

Crisis or change?

We suddenly realized how important it is to go for a stroll (a simple stroll), how wonderful it is to walk and breathe, how healthy it is to chat while looking at the sky, how comforting it is to run for a while and stretch the muscles or how essential it is to hug and be hugged. Is now the time for change?

From plastic straws to paper straws

Neither one nor two plastic straws can be considered a problem for the environment.
But what about 1 million straws? And 100 million? And 1,000 million? and…?

23 years and almost 400,000 yellow containers later…

In 1997 the first yellow container was placed in the street. Today there are nearly 400.000 containers of this type that take up the streets of our cities and towns, but users still have doubts about what to deposit in this container. For this reason, a “review” that reminds us how to use the container does not hurt at all.

Are we alone?

While you are trying to recycle, not waste water, reduce the consumption of single-use plastics… there are many other people doing the same thing, and there are also people working, exploring or researching new solutions.


Methuselah, climate change expert (because with ages comes wisdom), answers without any hurry a series of questions about environmental news made by our special envoy to the White Mountains (United States), where Methuselah lives protected and incognito among other trees of the same species.

Global warming: are there reasons to be optimistic?

On environmental issues, there are times when being pessimistic (very pessimistic) seems the most reasonable personal option.
However, there is news (data related to the environment) that optimists can use to argue that it is perfectly possible to change the direction of the most catastrophic predictions.

The preservation of the environment is not a magic thing

Harry Potter could not make the monstrous amount of plastic containers that we throw away daily worldwide disappear by magic. Instead, we (without magic) can actually do something, and very remarkable. Do you want to know how?

Wet wipes, can they be thrown in the toilet?

At home, when it is with you, it is delicate, soft, light… But, as soon as you turn your back and lose sight of it, it meets in the underworld with others just like it and grows up to become a beast of enormous proportions that ends up devastating and destroying everything in its path.

Grennwashing? What’s that?

Greenwashing is an activity closely related to the deceiving advertising that some companies, governments or entities carry out with the objective of “cleaning” their image.

The reason? To sell more (or not lose sales) because every day there are more consumers who buy products or hire services considering the environmental commitment of the companies.

Who pours microplastics in the seas?

Who are the unscrupulous people who pour microplastics in the seas?

Let’s find out: go home, go to your bedroom, open the closet, take out a pullover, some underwear, a blouse, socks, some pants… and leave it all on the bed.

Now, read the labels of each of the garments: polyester, nylon, lycra, saran…?


The Dutch Supreme court has ordered the Government to reduce greenhouse gases from January 1, 2020, because it considers that “it must protect the citizen from the deterioration of the environment and that the fight against climate change is a matter of general interest.”


Did you know? Disposable bags always, to a greater or lesser degree, “pollute”, tarnish and harm the environment, the natural world and, by extension, human beings, even though these bags are labeled as “biodegradable” or “compostable”.


The “official” speech on electric cars maintains that it actually is a perfect private transport option: it would be a clean, green, easy and even “cheap” way from the point of view of its impact in the environment. But, is the official speech true or is there another version?


Until recently, we threw organic waste, cardboard, plastic or aluminum containers and even batteries or medicines in the same garbage bag, and we threw the bag in the first container we found.

A privileged planetary minority

More than a half of the Planet’s population (about 5000 million people) don’t have in their homes (or wherever they live) a system that removes feces safely. Meaning, those of us who obtain water from a tap whenever we want and those of us who “pull the chain” because we have an optimal sanitation system are a privileged planetary minority.


I win both man and woman’s hearts. I’m universal and essential, I create an addiction. Without me, the 21st Century wouldn’t be what it is. Guess… Who am I?   Currently, in this country, there […]

Global calendar of ecology and the environment

Quina finalitat té que es declari i s’institucionalitzi un dia en concret com a Dia Mundial sense Cotxes (22 de setembre)?
I com a Dia Internacional contra el Canvi Climàtic (24 d’octubre)? o Dia Internacional del Reciclatge (17 de maig)?
Vegem un exemple.