23 years and almost 400,000 yellow containers later…


The chronicles of this country, Spain, explain that the first recycling container was placed in the Plaza Sant Jaume, in Barcelona, ​​on Wednesday, February 10, 1982.

It was the green container, which is where for 40 years now, we have deposited glass containers for subsequent recycling.

But it was not until 1997 (at the gates of the turn of the millennium), when the green container was accompanied by yellow.


23 years and almost 400,000 yellow containers later …


It has been 23 years and almost 400,000 yellow containers on the streets of our cities and towns, but users still have doubts about what to deposit in this container.

There are so many doubts that, according to recent data, around 25% of the materials and objects that we leave in the yellow container are deposited in the wrong container.

For this reason, a “review” that reminds us how to use the container does not hurt at all.


What should we deposit in the yellow container?



What should we NOT deposit in the yellow container?



If we do our part well, we will optimize the collection and recycling process, minimize social costs, increase the reuse of materials and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

In the meantime, let’s not forget that the best recycling is the one that doesn’t need to be done: first we reduce and reuse it; then, when necessary, let’s recycle.