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Reading opinions or ratings about our Urban Recycling Stations makes us proud and gives us extra energy to keep on working with enthusiasm and rigour.

Do you want to know what the municipalities and users who already know us value most?


BLIPVERT Urban Recycling Station in the House of Science of Seville.


In Carballo (Galicia)


600 mobile phones and up every year in the Urban Recycling Stations installed in the urban area.

The service has been operating since 2016 with good results, since there are many highly polluting products that thanks to this collection system receive ideal management.

The quantities of waste vary greatly from year to year except in the case of mobile phones, from which about 600 units are collected each year.

But the most important waste that ends up in the Urban Recycling Stations, although it is in decline, are still the mobile phone batteries and batteries, which in 2016 got 400 kilos (20,000 units), in 2017 about 329 kilos (16,450 units) and in 2018, 265 kilos (13,250 units).


In Loeches (Community of Madrid)


The City Council of Loeches has installed three new Urban Recycling Stations with which it is intended to promote the habit of recycling among neighbors and make proper management of certain types of waste with high contaminating potential.

Although the human being is the responsible for producing a large amount of waste, it seems that sometimes we still resist recycling. That is why we want to make it much easier for all Loeches’ residents. Let’s not forget that recycling is one of the simplest and most rewarding activities that we can carry out, since it is an act of utmost importance for society, and it contributes to proper environmental conservation by limiting pollution.

Get in the recycling cart with us!


In Castellón (Community of Valencia)


The people of Castellón will be able to deposit various types of waste in these Urban Recycling Stations, some especially pollutants, such as mobile phones, batteries or printer cartridges.

(…) The new mini-eco-parks that have been installed in different parts of the city represent a “new step in terms of environmental awareness”.

With a design reminiscent of the canopies, each of these Urban Recycling Stations has different spaces in which to deposit various daily waste.

The objective of this initiative is to bring the recycling of this kind of waste to citizens and facilitate their participation in the correct separation of waste

(The city council) invited “the residents of Castellón to make use of these ecological points, of these mini-eco-parks that have been arranged by the City of Castellón, as a sign of the high level of awareness and respect for the environment of the residents of Castellón and of the importance of recycling in the daily life of the city ”.


In Abanto Zierbana (Basque Country)


The new Urban Recycling Stations have an attractive design that combines and does not clash with the rest of the street furniture.

In addition, advertising campaigns can be incorporated on both sides.

“It is about bringing closer and facilitating to the neighbors the delivery of some waste that has already been managed by the City Council, as is the case with batteries or toner. On the other hand, a new service is launched, such as the collection of light bulbs, CDs or small aerosols”.

We not only talk about recycling, but also solidarity because a compartment for the collection of plastic caps will be incorporated into the containers, which will be delivered to interested municipality associations, in order to finance charitable actions,” has said the mayor.


In Morón de la Frontera (Andalusia)


The City council of Morón de la Frontera has installed six Urban Recycling Stations in the city distributed in different areas of the municipality.

These Urban Recycling Stations will make it easier for the neighbors to recycle small household items.

In addition, the supports fit perfectly in the street furniture and its dimensions make it possible to integrate into the city and it can also be used by the City Council to support the institutional dissemination campaign.


In Figueres (Catalonia)


Figueres, in collaboration with the BLIPVERT company, has installed 26 Urban Recycling Stations in the city.

The device tries to promote the recycling of CDs and DVDs, conventional, halogen and energy saving light bulbs, mobile phones. The Urban Recycling Station is a European patent of the Spanish BLIPVERT, which dates from 2007, and is being extended with great acceptance by our country and by others from the European Union.

The system devised by Blipvert tries to facilitate recycling, because it is located in the street. Normally, in very crowded places, near numerous homes and it is very easy to transport and deposit small waste in the Urban Recycling Station.


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