Recycling in the times of Covid-19



We rarely leave the house, but when we do, it is impressive to find latex or “plastic” gloves (nitrile, vinyl, neoprene, etc.) lying on the pavement.

They may not be many, but they will always be too many. And, in addition, those who are abandoned on the street in any way (due to their striking color and what they represent) attract enormous attention.

Perhaps it is the result of the ignorance or carelessness of a few.

Therefore, it is very convenient for us to know how we should proceed with this waste to minimize the impact on the environment and on the health of the people with whom we live.


Masks and gloves: once used, in which container do we deposit them?


The disposable masks should NOT be thrown in the blue container (which is where we deposit the paper and cardboard).

Gloves made of latex, nitrile or any other plastic should NOT be thrown in the yellow container (which is the one we reserve for containers, plastic wrappers, cans or milk cartons).

It is in the waste container (full of remains that cannot be reused or recycled) where we DO need to deposit gloves and masks.


What if we have symptoms or we are sick?


If at home we have a person with symptoms (cough or fever) or we are caring for a person with a diagnosis of covid-19, we must follow the protocol dictated by the health authorities.

We accumulate gloves and masks of a sick or quarantined person in a plastic bag (BAG 1).

We close BAG 1 (knotted) and put it in a second garbage bag (BAG 2) where we put the gloves and mask used by the carer.

We close BAG 2 (knotted) and deposit it in another garbage bag (BAG 3) where the domestic waste, destined to the container where the non-recyclable remains, is deposited.

And, finally, BAG 3 (with gloves, masks, disposable tissues), the health authorities tell us to deposit it in the waste container, that is, the container where we deposit everything that cannot be recycled.