The Bisauri City Council has renewed and expanded to other neighborhoods the municipal service of ekogune – urban recycle stations for the selective collection and recycling of small waste.

The Urban recycle stations are the ideal complement for any municipal model of selective collection (underground or surface containers, door to door, etc.) because, nowadays, the small waste that is collected in the recycle stations cannot be disposed into another container from the street.

In fact, the “minis” are an essential complement, since most of the small waste they collect are polluting and therefore, despite being small, their recycling is a very serious matter. Especially because they are waste that can be lost in the garbage much more easily than, for example, a fridge. Also, getting good recycling figures with small waste is really difficult. Why? Because they weigh very little, and you need the participation of many people, otherwise it is impossible. Continuing with the example of the fridge, to achieve their equivalent in weight, the recycle stations must collect thousands and even tens of thousands of small residues. It costs a lot to add kilos based on light bulbs, button batteries, cables and headphones, CDs, or plastic caps… which weigh grams!

A button battery can weigh a single gram but, according to National Geographic, it can contaminate the water in an entire Olympic-size swimming pool (follow link). We are talking about two and a half million liters of water! That is why we attach so much importance to the good use that is being made of the urban recycle stations in Basauri and we want to thank its people for their active participation in recycling. Basauri was the first town in the Basque Country to have urban recycle stations – ekoguneak and, how time flies, that was more than 10 years ago.

Blipvert Recologics offers a completely sustainable renovation service (every five years and without generating waste) of each recycle station, so that they always look at its brightest. The service includes the revision of the waste inlet mouths, easily interchangeable, being able to adapt the recycle stations to the possible waste that the future may bring us without generating unnecessary expenses.

The waste initially chosen by the council for the urban recycle stations – ekoguneak of Basauri are: cd/dvd discs and dvd, printer ink cartridges, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) of small format, all types of batteries, batteries and accumulators, LED and energy-saving bulbs, and high-density plastic caps.

In addition, the recycle stations have two glass windows designed for municipal communication, which allows the City Council to carry out communication campaigns in an elegant and sustainable way.

Uninterrupted service and one step from home.

Blipvert Recologics

Reduce, reuse, and as a last option, recycle.