European-inspired recycling bin ideas nearing reality for Norwich’s streets (UK)

European-inspired proposals to make Norwich the first UK city to house on-street recycling bins are nearing reality after months of delays.


Blipvert UK first revealed in February 2010 its intention to install bins known as urban green points. These contain seven separate containers to collect unwanted or used items including mobile phones, batteries, ink cartridges and light bulbs.

But despite earmarking almost 50 potential sites, the company is only now getting close to receiving permission to install 10.

This number is needed to fund the project, with advertising on bins paying for a lorry collection service.

Raul Latorre Algas, the man leading the idea, said he believes Norwich can be the “seed” for the idea to grow across the rest of the UK, following successes in countries including Spain and Holland.

But after initial talks with City Hall officials, Mr Algas said estimates that a decision would be made on his plans by the council within four to eight weeks failed to materialise.

Part of the problem stemmed from a need by City Hall to ensure the bins would not block access on the pavements or have a detrimental impact on the surrounding environment. This has led to the positions of some of the bins being renegotiated.

More than 13 months on Mr Algas is finally nearing his target of 10. Six bins, including locations in Prince of Wales Road, have been approved, one decision is pending and an appeal is due on another site.

Mr Algas said: “Currently recycling collection points for such a variety of items are not conveniently located, accessible on foot or by public transport, and are thus lacking for the majority of Norwich’s citizens and visitors.”

Norwich South MP Simon Wright has helped support Mr Algas during the planning process and said he had been impressed by the “innovative concept”.

A council spokesman said each application had to be considered on its own merits and it was continuing to work with Mr Algas.



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